Joining The beepou Artists’ Team

Thank you for considering joining the beepou Artists’ Team. The process to join us is quite simple and, since we value everyones’ time, we’ve made it as straightforward as deemed possible. Please take your time to read the following paragraphs, in which we explain the details relevant to the submittals, at each of the subsequent steps.


This section describes how you can join beepou to become: a contributing artist, a curator (someone who will help us pick the best content) or an editor (someone who will help other artists with their own work). If you believe you can, or wish, to contribute to beepou in other ways, please contact us directly. Although simpler, bear in mind that candidacies through direct e-mail are always second to candidacies through this process.

In A Few Steps.




Register at with a valid e-mail address, your username and your first and last names.


Introduce Yourself.

Upon receiving your registration e-mail (in which you accept to become a registered user, as described in the relevant sections of the Terms of Use), and prior to initiating the contributors’ admission process, we will ask you to send us a short text (min 250, max 500 words; in English, Spanish or French) describing: (1) why you want to join the Artists’ Team, (2) what your expectations are regarding your art at beepou, and (3) which of the role(s) you will be applying to: artist/curator/editor. Additionally you will have to provide us a link to your LinkedIn profile (the profile must have a minimum of five contacts to be considered valid).

Only after reviewing your introductory submittal will the admission process formally begin. We will let you know our decision (usually within 48 hours) by answering through the same e-mail address you used at registration. Upon reception of your approval e-mail you may continue with the next step, we will be looking forward to see your work!

If you do not complete this step, or your introductory submittal is not accepted, you will remain a subscriber of the beepou service (you may unregister yourself at any time). If you believe that you did not receive the confirmation e-mail after a reasonable period of time, please contact us.


Sell Us Your Idea.

This is the most important step of the admissions process. We take all ideas into consideration, and highly respect each artists’ work, but bear in mind that this is a highly competitive process and we value freshness and uniqueness. Make your case compelling.


As part of the process to complete this step you will have to create and upload a minimum-quiz-pack, containing three video-quizzes with the characteristics described in Anatomy of a Video Quiz, plus a short text describing the essence of that piece of art.

The minimum-quiz-pack together with its description will be reviewed by us, and forms the core of your submittal. Here is where you will shine!

Privacy and Copyright.

The MQP will not be published (regardless of the final decision on your admission to the beepou Artists’ Team) and remains solely yours (i.e. you do not licence any rights to us), but by submitting it, you accept that we will distribute and view it privately as part of the admissions process.

In case of admission, we’ll decide together how to use that work at beepou. If your submission is not accepted, you may remove it from your account at any time.



Be patient, the review process takes some time. We look carefully at everyones’ work, you deserve it. If you are aiming at The Kids Version, then you can expect much more scrutiny. The usual review period takes two full weeks, but we may have to exceed that period of time in some cases. Rest assured that the duration of the approval process implies nothing upon its result.

Approvals are at our sole discretion and, all works subject to the Community Guidelines set out in our Terms of Use. As a rule of a thumb, make sure you follow them and you will be starting on the right track.

Upon approval of your admission to the beepou Artists’ Team, you will receive the artists welcome e-mail, and you’ll automatically hold the contributor status. We will be looking forward to work together!

If your MQP submittal is not accepted, you will remain a subscriber of the beepou service (you may unregister yourself at any time). If you believe that our decision was incorrect, or if you did not receive the final confirmation e-mail after a reasonable period of time, please contact us.

Thank you.

Once again, thank you for considering joining the beepou Artists’ Team. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

The beepou Team